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3/22/2024 Cambridge Arranges A $5,950,000 Conventional Loan To Acquire Twilight Haven, Located In Fresno, CA

2/14/2024 Thinking Beyond Mortgage Maturity

1/26/2024 Cambridge Realty Capital Provides $52,209,400 In HUD Loans For Three Properties In Kentucky And Illinois

1/25/2024 Lock Your Rate: Take Advantage Of Today’s Market Dynamics

1/9/2024 Opportunistic Acquisitions In Abundance


12/14/2023  Transparency With Lender Regarding Staffing Crucial To Growth

12/5/2023 Engineering Cashflow to Obtain Financing

11/16/2023 Cambridge Realty Capital Provides A $2,140,900 Loan To Refinance Wells Point Lodge Located In Pflugerville, Texas

10/20/2023 Cambridge Realty Capital Provides A $29,200,000 Loan To Refinance Aravilla Sarasota Located In Sarasota, FL

10/17/2023 Cambridge Realty Capital Provides A $15,355,000 Loan To Refinance Casa De Flores & Bayside Care Center

6/30/2023 To The Rescue – Medicaid Rate Increases Help Operators

5/12/2023 Don’t Wait To Refinance! Cambridge Can Help Find Options

3/21/2023 Cambridge Gets Creative in Times of Uncertainty

2/10/2023 Acquisition Loans in High Demand

1/20/2023 Cambridge Has Options for you


12/8/2022 Now Is The Time To Lock In Interest Rate, Advises Cambridge Vice President

12/1/2022 Cambridge Provides A $18,120,000 HUD Loan To Refinance Bria Of Westmont Located In Westmont, IL

10/26/2022 Cambridge Provides A $10,400,000 HUD Lean Loan To Refinance Oakview Nursing And Rehabilitation And Ridgeview Assisted Living Located In Burlington, IA

10/5/2022 Cambridge’s Meetings At NIC Provide Positive Opportunity Discussions With Operators

9/26/2022 Cambridge Provides A $22 Million HUD Lean Loan To Refinance The Views At Marion In Marion, IA

8/22/2022 Medicaid Rate Increases Inspire Confidence And Spark Planning For Future In Senior Care

7/19/2022 Borrowers Are Urged To Lock In Rates As Interest Rates Are On The Rise

6/8/2022 Cambridge Provides A $5.3 Million HUD Lean Loan To Refinance The New Homestead Of Guthrie Center, IA

5/20/2022 Cambridge Pledges To Honor CEO’s Passion For Senior Housing

5/17/2022 Cambridge Closes $7.4 Million HUD Loan To Refinance Springfield Supportive Living Center

5/5/2022 Cambridge Closes $15.2 Million HUD Loan To Refinance Continuing Healthcare Of Niles

4/21/2022 Cambridge Founder and CEO Has Passed Away

4/19/2022 Cambridge Closes $6.1 Million HUD Loan To Refinance Continuing Healthcare Of Milan

3/22/2022 Cambridge Closes $7.3 Million HUD Loan To Refinance Pontiac Supportive Living

3/8/2022 Cambridge Closes $10.6 Million HUD Loan To Refinance Pine Acres Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center

2/15/2022 Cambridge Closes $11.2 Million HUD Loan To Refinance The Ponds Of Wealshire


12/2/2021 Teamwork And Flexibility Are The Keys To Cambridge’s 18-Month Closings Record During Pandemic

10/18/2021 Cambridge Provided $802 Million In Debt Financing Since Start Of Pandemic

9/7/2021 The Key To Finding Capital You Need…Work With An Experienced Professional Like Cambridge Realty Capital

9/3/2021 Cambridge Closings Continue. . . July And YTD 2021 Closings

7/14/2021 Momentum Continues Into 2021 For Cambridge

6/23/2021 Cambridge Provides A $3 Million HUD Lean Loan To Purchase Maple Creek Of Lakewood, Located In Lakewood, WA

6/9/2021 Long Term Relationships Indicative Of Cambridge’s Expertise And Partnership Mindset

4/9/2021 Cambridge Provides A $12 Million HUD Lean Loan To Refinance Alden Alma Nelson Manor Located In Rockford, IL.

3/31/2021 Cambridge Testimonial – 2020 – A Banner Year For IRR Loans

3/12/2021 IRR Loans Continue To Dominate As Cambridge Enters Into 2021

3/11/2021 HUD Still A Robust Program With An Inspiring Mission

2/1/2021 Why So Many Borrowers Keep Coming Back To Cambridge: It’s Great Listening Skills And Over Communication.

1/29/2021 Cambridge Treats Originators As Partners

1/8/2021 Diakonos Group CFO Calls Cambridge IRR Program Win-Win

1/7/2021 COVID-19 Vaccine Is Good News, Says Cambridge CEO, But Also Raises More Questions Says Cambridge CEO

1/7/2021 Cambridge Closings In 4th Quarter Of For 2020 With $100 Million; $415 Million For Entire Year


12/29/2020 In Like a Lamb, Out Like A Lion: How A Global Pandemic Changed Business

11/13/2020 $360 Million In Loans Closed Year-To-Date…Cambridge Continues To Fund Loans In Conjunction With The HUD 232 Program For Senior Housing And Skilled Nursing Facility Owners

10/25/2020 Little-Known Multi-Family Housing Lender Providing Stability And Best Rates During Ongoing Pandemic Crisis

9/25/2020 Cambridge Provides $3.2 Million HUD Lean Loan To Refinance Kadie Glen Assisted Living Located In Wenatchee, WA

9/16/2020 Even Oceans Apart, Cambridge Still Manages To Get The Job Done

8/24/2020 Cambridge Clients Taking Advantage Of HUD Pandemic Abatement Measures: Joe Vince

8/20/2020 Cambridge Clients Taking Advantage Of HUD Pandemic Abatement Measures: Brian Haylor Of CHS

8/12/2020 Cambridge Closes 16 IRR HUD Loans In First Half Of 2020

7/7/2020 Cambridge Provides $3.9 Million Hud Lean Loan To Refinance Summer Meadows Located In Longview, TX

5/20/2020 Lowest Interest Rates In 50 Years Are “Silver Lining” In Pandemic

4/27/2020 HUD Makes Contingencies For Borrowers During Covid-19 Pandemic

3/4/2020 Staff Shortages Still Biggest Challenge Facing Senior Living Operations In 2020, According To New Survey Results

3/2/2020 Cambridge Realty Capital President’s Advice In Light Of Current Events

3/2/2020 Cambridge Rebrands Its CAPITAL WISDOM Series

2/13/2020 Cambridge President Believes Population Demographics A Key Influencer Of 2019 Increase In HUD 232 Loan Volume Over 2018

2/11/2020 Affordability The Biggest Issue Facing Baby Boomers Trying To Access Senior Housing In The 2020s

1/30/2020 Cambridge President Jeffrey Davis Provides Expert Opinion For Senior Living Industry Publication “Multi-Housing News

1/28/2020 The Clock Is Ticking For 2020 HUD Loans According To Cambridge President

1/28/2020 Cambridge Provides A $16,300,000 HUD Lean Loan To Refinance Anberry Transitional Care Located In Merced, CA

1/27/2020 Cambridge Provides A $9,800,000 HUD Loan To Refinance Laurel Manor Healthcare And Rehabilitation Center Located In Stratford, NJ

1/17/2020 “Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda” Common Refrain Among Operators Who Wait Too Long To Move On Locking In Interest Rates

1/15/2020 Avoid Seeking Interest Rate Advice From Other Operators, Says Cambridge President

1/13/2020 Cambridge Client’s Experience As A Seller Turned Him Into A Borrower

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