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11/13/2020 $360 Million In Loans Closed Year-To-Date…Cambridge Continues To Fund Loans In Conjunction With The HUD 232 Program For Senior Housing And Skilled Nursing Facility Owners

10/25/2020 Little-Known Multi-Family Housing Lender Providing Stability And Best Rates During Ongoing Pandemic Crisis

9/25/2020 Cambridge Provides $3.2 Million HUD Lean Loan To Refinance Kadie Glen Assisted Living Located In Wenatchee, WA

9/16/2020 Even Oceans Apart, Cambridge Still Manages To Get The Job Done

8/24/2020 Cambridge Clients Taking Advantage Of HUD Pandemic Abatement Measures: Joe Vince

8/20/2020 Cambridge Clients Taking Advantage Of HUD Pandemic Abatement Measures: Brian Haylor Of CHS

8/12/2020 Cambridge Closes 16 IRR HUD Loans In First Half Of 2020

7/7/2020 Cambridge Provides $3.9 Million Hud Lean Loan To Refinance Summer Meadows Located In Longview, TX

5/20/2020 Lowest Interest Rates In 50 Years Are “Silver Lining” In Pandemic

4/27/2020 HUD Makes Contingencies For Borrowers During Covid-19 Pandemic

3/4/2020 Staff Shortages Still Biggest Challenge Facing Senior Living Operations In 2020, According To New Survey Results

3/2/2020 Cambridge Realty Capital President’s Advice In Light Of Current Events

3/2/2020 Cambridge Rebrands Its CAPITAL WISDOM Series

2/13/2020 Cambridge President Believes Population Demographics A Key Influencer Of 2019 Increase In HUD 232 Loan Volume Over 2018

2/11/2020 Affordability The Biggest Issue Facing Baby Boomers Trying To Access Senior Housing In The 2020s

1/30/2020 Cambridge President Jeffrey Davis Provides Expert Opinion For Senior Living Industry Publication “Multi-Housing News

1/28/2020 The Clock Is Ticking For 2020 HUD Loans According To Cambridge President

1/28/2020 Cambridge Provides A $16,300,000 HUD Lean Loan To Refinance Anberry Transitional Care Located In Merced, CA

1/27/2020 Cambridge Provides A $9,800,000 HUD Loan To Refinance Laurel Manor Healthcare And Rehabilitation Center Located In Stratford, NJ

1/17/2020 “Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda” Common Refrain Among Operators Who Wait Too Long To Move On Locking In Interest Rates

1/15/2020 Avoid Seeking Interest Rate Advice From Other Operators, Says Cambridge President

1/13/2020 Cambridge Client’s Experience As A Seller Turned Him Into A Borrower


12/31/19 Cambridge Provides A $7 Million HUD Lean Loan To Refinance The Pontiac Supportive Living Located In Pontiac, IL

12/30/19 Thorough Preparation Prevents Glitches From Becoming Roadblocks In HUD Application Process, Say Cambridge Clients

12/30/19 Cambridge Provides $24 Million In HUD Lean Loans To Refinance Two Ohio SNF Properties

12/12/19 Government Shutdown Delay Is Good News For HUD 232 Borrowers, For Now

12/3/19 New HUD Data Points To A Healthy Senior Living New Construction Market

11/5/19 Cambridge And NIC: A Fruitful Courtship Since 1992

10/29/19 Seniors Should Consider Making The Housing Transition Sooner Rather Than Later

10/23/19 Cambridge Arranges A $4.1 Million HUD Loan To Refinance Cabot Cove Of Largo Located In Largo, FL

10/17/19 The Best Financial Partner Is One With Partnerships

9/26/19 Cambridge Has The Lending Power Of Many Institutions Under One Roof

9/24/19 Cambridge Pursues New Strategy To Provide Even More Options For Senior Living Operators

9/19/19 Cambridge Realty Capital Seeks New Joint Ventures With Lender

9/17/19 “The Only Constant Is Change:” Motto Drives Cambridge Forward Into Tomorrow

8/29/19: HUD Rates One Thing Operators Can Count On In Construction Market Rife With Uncertainties

8/21/19 The Small Firm Advantage And Why Cambridge Is The Right Small Firm HUD Lender For You

8/14/19 Planning For The Future Easier With A HUD Loan

8/12/19 Cambridge President Explains Premise Behind HUD 232 And Similarities To HUD 221

8/6/19 Ten Years Later, HUD Lean Program Still Offers Value, According To Cambridge President

8/2/19 Cambridge Arranges HUD Lean Loan To Refinance Stratford Manor Care And Rehabilitation Located In West Orange, NJ

7/23/19 Why Cambridge Plus HUD Equals A Formula For Operator Success

7/18/19 HUD Still Offers The Best Rates And Terms In The Marketplace, Say Cambridge Presidents

7/16/19 Bells And Whistles Are Attractive, But Only Experience Delivers When It Comes To SNF Lending And Investing

6/28/19 Senior Living Operator Commends Cambridge For “Team Effort” In Bringing HUD Process To Fruition

6/24/19 Cambridge Arranges $11 Million HUD Lean Loan To Refinance Pine Acres Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center Located In Madison, NJ

6/17/19 Baby Boomers Least Prepared Generation To Enter Senior Years Since The 1960s

6/13/19 A Robust Retirement Savings Plan Should Include Funds For Assisted Living, According To Cambridge President

6/11/19 Government Shutdown Delays Texas Operator’ HUD Loan Closing But Operator Is Pleased With Outcome Nonetheless

5/23/19 Cambridge Arranges Two Loans Totalling More Than Ten Million Dollars To Refinance Two Oklahoma Properties

5/16/19 New Study Reveals Fostering Camaraderie Crucial To Senior Living Residents’ Quality Of Life Satisfaction Shares Cambridge Founder

4/26/19 Navigating The SNF Operator/Landlord Relationship Insider Advice From Cambridge President

4/25/19 Moving From SNF Operator To Landlord May Be More Plausible Than You Think, Cambridge President Says

4/23/19 Cambridge Seeing More Operators Adopting Smart Technology To Prevent Falls In Senior Facilities

4/15/19 Cambridge Arranges $4.6 Million HUD Lean Loan To Refinance Traditions Senior Living And Memory Care Located In Sherman, TX

3/25/19 Nursing Home Resilience A Hot Topic Among Senior Living Stakeholders

3/8/19 Cambridge Wants Your Business, But Won’t String You Along To Get It, Says Developer And Client

3/6/19 Dealing Directly With Decision-Maker Means Cambridge Wait Time Is Shorter, Clients Say

2/15/19 Experienced Borrowers Say Success Hinges On Experienced Lenders

2/14/19 One-Stop Shopping Not Always Best Choice For Senior Housing Financing, Says Cambridge Exec

2/8/19 Cambridge Arranges $13 Million HUD Lean Loan To Refinance Jasmin Terrace At El Molino, Located In Pasadena, CA

2/6/19 Cambridge Arranges $3 Million HUD Loan To Refinance McGill Terrace In Chicago, IL

1/31/19 Cambridge President Not Worried About New Construction Slow down Prediction

1/30/19 Experts Divided On Outlook For Senior Housing In 2019 But Agree On One Point

1/28/19 It’s Not Always About Getting The Best Rate

1/25/19 Problem Properties Are Not An Automatic Strike In Cambridge’s Books

1/23/19 Four Of Cambridge’ Greatest Strengths As Identified By Cambridge Clients

1/22/19 Cambridge Makes A Difficult Process Easier When It Comes To HUD Funding

1/17/19 The Government May Be Closed, But Cambridge Is Still Open For Business

1/17/19 Cambridge Doesn’t Waste Clients’ Time, Says Commercial Real Estate Mortgage Broker

1/16/19 Latest Interest Rate Hike Will Motivate Fence Sitters To Action

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