The recent untimely passing of Cambridge Realty Capital’s Founder Jeffrey Davis came as a monumental shock to the Cambridge staff. “Notwithstanding that we grieve,” said Cambridge President, Andrew L. Erkes, “Cambridge staff remains committed to providing the same high level of customer service that Jeff always insisted upon during his 35+ years as Cambridge’s steward.

“Jeff was a true visionary and pioneer in the senior housing finance sector.” After beginning his career in commercial real estate finance, Davis came to understand that senior housing finance was an overlooked market niche that held enormous potential. Within just a few years of launching Cambridge Realty Capital in 1983, he made the decision to shift the company’s focus to the finance of senior housing.

Davis’ greatest legacy, however, was his investment in the people who worked with him and for him. “Jeff excelled in creating an enduring company culture based on sharing his vast knowledge and expertise with his employees,” Erkes stated. “He instilled in all of us a sense of integrity and honesty,” Erkes notes that many current Cambridge employees started as college interns and went on to stay with Cambridge for upwards of 20+ years, learning and growing side-by-side with Jeff. “Jeff believed in longstanding relationships with his employees.” Even those former employees who have moved on to other endeavors continued to maintain a connection with Cambridge in some way. “Jeff selflessly stayed in touch with former colleagues and employees,” Erkes noted. “His dedication to friends and associates, both present and past, as evidenced by the many people that attended his memorial service.”

With over 35+ years of dedicated service to the senior housing finance sector, Cambridge is well situated to fully move forward in his memory and carry out Jeff’s passion for senior housing finance for many more years to come. “Everyone at Cambridge is prepared to move Jeff’s original mission forward,” Erkes asserted. “Cambridge remains available to all of our clients 24/7 for their senior housing financing needs, just like before.”

Erkes added, “In honor of Jeff’s memory and his initial vision, we will continue to deliver the highest level of customer service; always striving for the right solution for our client financing needs. Jeff always gave 110% effort and taught us all that 99% is never good enough. From this point forward, we dedicate ourselves to carry on Jeff’s Cambridge legacy.”

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