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Signature Bridge Loan Financing

If you are ready for the benefits offered by HUD financing, but would also like to achieve additional leverage and/or a cashout to recognize appreciation that will be created from the transaction, a bridge loan can provide a short-term solution and a clear way to an eventual cashout from a HUD-insured loan. Cambridge has created our own Signature Bridge Loan™ financing to achieve these results.

Cambridge provides a one-stop debt shop and extensive expertise in both conventional and HUD financing, thanks to our 20+ years as a HUD lender, our unique Signature Bridge Loan™, and our vast network of conventional capital. For more information, check out our Sample Term Sheets and Executive Summaries.

Don’t wait for your next deal to get stale. Contact us at 312-357-1601 or at to discuss your pending transaction and see how Cambridge can bring our Signature Experience ™ suite of capital to your opportunity.

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