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The company has the unique ability to make a make a tedious and difficult process appear to run smoothly. The Cambridge management team is extremely competitive, exceptionally creative and very detail-oriented. And the Cambridge staff is very patient with borrowers. If you provide Cambridge with timely and accurate information, the company will guide you through the process and stand by you. Which is something that others don’t do.

Eric Rothner, CEO
Hunter Management, LLC – Evanston, IL

Cambridge has an excellent reputation in the industry. The company is exceptionally knowledgeable, resourceful and systematic and it delivers on promises. I’d recommend the company to anyone without hesitation.

Tom O’Niones, Founder and President
Transcendent Healthcare – Evansville, IN

Cambridge is widely regarded as an exceptionally knowledgeable industry leader. And the company’s professional staff has a remarkable understanding of what will and will not fit within HUD guidelines.  In working with the firm, we never encountered a servicing problem.  And we’ve never had an accounting issue with any of our loans.

Daniel Maguire, Vice President
Sandy River Company – Portland, ME

Cambridge is one of the nation’s leading senior housing / healthcare lenders, and the effort and focus needed to achieve this status has helped to make the company one of the more astute buyers in the market. The Cambridge staff is very resourceful and has the financial acumen needed to work through sticky due diligence issues. And it doesn’t take long to recognize the company’s considerable dealmaking skills. It’s always a pleasure to work with people who have the ability to get things done.

Mark Myers, Senior Director, National Senior Housing Group
Marcus & Millichap – Chicago, IL

Cambridge’s experience, knowledge and understanding of the product is significantly greater that you’ll find at some of the big houses. When I go into HUD’s Chicago hub office and they see I’m working with Cambridge, it’s viewed as a strong positive.  The company’s knowledge of the business is unsurpassed. And, impressively, the amount of personal attention the staff devotes to addressing and meeting client needs is greater than I’ve observed elsewhere.

Andrew Delman, President
National Preservation Housing Partners – Deerfield, IL

I’ve had a lot of experience with other banks and lenders and Cambridge is by far the best I’ve worked with. The Cambridge staff is very aware of timing issues, very instructive and very responsive. And they produced for us the way they said they would.

Paresh Vipani, Chief Financial Officer
Platinum Health Care, LLC – Skokie, IL

My experience with Cambridge has been excellent. Andy and his staff have worked us through a long and complicated HUD process. They have the ability to stick with you, to make the project a viable one. Cambridge gets the job done.

Gary Riffe, Nursing Home Owner / Operator
Health & Care Management, Ltd. – Jamestown, ND

At this point, we can afford to be selective, and have no time for those who might bring us more problems than we care to confront. But I really enjoy doing business with Jeff and the Cambridge staff and look forward to our meetings. And if you ever find yourself in the awkward situation of trying to explain complex senior housing funding issues to a neophyte nursing home board of directors, it’s nice to know there’s someone you can call on to handle this chore who’ll not let you down.

Manny Binstock, Senior Vice President
The Kensington Group – Morton Grove, IL

Brokers often need to chase after buyers and sellers without knowing what they (the buyers and sellers) are thinking. With Cambridge there’s not a lot of suspense. You’ll know very quickly if something is go or no-go. And, once engaged, you never need to remind the company about deadlines.  Our contacts at the firm are exceptionally friendly and honest and get back to us quicker than anyone in the industry. When Cambridge is interested in a property the company stays out in front of things and doesn’t let you rest until the deal is together.

Josh Jandris, Senior Director, Institutional Property Advisors
Marcus & Millichap – Chicago, IL

I can’t think of a thing not to like about this company. Many lenders ask you to do a lot of paperwork up-front but still aren’t able to deliver at the end. With Cambridge it’s not an iffy thing. You get an accurate assessment quickly and know that if you satisfy the requirements you’ll get the desired result. Everyone we talked with at the company was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and well informed.

Arnie Goldberg, Owner and Executive Director
The Wealshire – Lincolnshire, IL

In our business, we work with many qualified commercial lenders and hold Cambridge in very high regard because the company has a meticulous work ethic and brings an exceptional blend of financial and technical skills to the underwriting process. The principals of the business are very knowledgeable and understand the value of teamwork and working together to accomplish common goals.

Richard Lynn, Director
Marcus & Millichap – Chicago, IL

The choice for us is always simple. The HUD-approved lender we use whenever we can is Cambridge Realty Capital, because we know we can rely on the company’s wealth of knowledge, expertise and underwriting brilliance. I’m an advocate and very assertive when presenting my client’s case to lenders. What we’ve noticed is that other lenders tend to be more bureaucratic and respond to our needs by committee. With Cambridge there is mutual respect and straight-forward answers to any questions we might have. We expect Cambridge to put up hoops for us to jump through. I just ask how high and how many there will be?

Lawrence Yablong, President
LaSalle Realty Inc. – Chicago, IL

Cambridge has developed a razor-like focus where the senior housing/healthcare market is concerned.  What impresses everyone who works with Cambridge is the fact that the company is more hands-on than other lenders and more accessible. You’re working with competent decision makers every step of the way.

Jacob Gehl, Managing Director
Blueprint Health Care Real Estate Advisors – Chicago, IL

Cambridge is always there for clients and ready to fight for them. They’re willing to meet with clients at any time to go over things so there will be no confusion. Although everything is carefully laid out in advance, Cambridge is not a cookie-cutter operation. The company is very flexible and resourceful. And willing to do what it takes to get things done.

Avrum Weinfeld, Chief Financial Officer
E.M.I. Enterprises – Lincolnwood, IL

Cambridge has referred very complicated loans to us in the past, and has stayed involved in a helpful and active role to ensure that the loans close as quickly as possible. Their customer relationships are strong.

Michael Stein, Direct Lender / Investor
Corus BankShares, Inc. – Chicago, IL

Cambridge has developed a unique process for acquiring properties and has assembled a knowledgeable staff that understands the analytical side of the business as well as anyone. The company has the ability to raise capital, and Jeff Davis has a great eye for value-added opportunities.

Ben Firestone, Managing Director
Blueprint Health Care Real Estate Advisors – Chicago, IL

I have had an excellent outcome with Cambridge because they are better than most comparable firms. I experienced exceptional service from the staff.

Richard Blaylock, Congregate Housing and Assisted Living Owner
Blaylock Properties – Dallas, TX

Cambridge’s knowledge of the lending industry is unsurpassed. Jeff is a passionate advocate for his clients. The response to questions is always timely and professional. They have a quick turnaround time with realistic goals. The staff is very committed and knowledgeable, and they possess a can-do attitude; it has been an excellent experience.

Hymie Barber, Mortgage Broker and Financial Consultant
Catalyst Resource Group – Woodland Hills, CA

Working with Cambridge has been a very good experience. Very positive.

Ben Klein, Owner and Founder
Platinum Health Care, LLC – Skokie, IL

In processing our loan, Cambridge was especially creative in helping us maximize the dollars available and in providing advice on timing. But it wasn’t just about getting the best rate. Help with strategic planning and knowing when it made the most sense for us to make our move in the market was important as well.

Mark Weldler, Owner and CFO
Community Nursing and Rehabilitation Center – Naperville, IL

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