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Conventional Debt Financing

We believe our Mission Statement sums it up nicely: Combining our vast industry knowledge and capital markets expertise, we provide proven debt and equity financing solutions to senior housing owners and investors. Closing over 550 senior housing transactions for over $6.5 billion eliminates any doubts about our abilities.  When you bring your financing needs to us, we will work to find just the right scenario that will fit your specific situation and provide the capital you seek.

Conventional loans often will provide the appropriate ingredient for successful financing. We have an extensive network with conventional senior housing lenders and Signature Experience™ partners, and we “speak their language.” Clients always give us high marks when we provide conventional debt placement under a Signature Bridge Loan™ to HUD, cash-outs, straight refinancing, or any other solution tailored to the outcome you are looking for. For more information, check out our Sample Term Sheets and Executive Summaries.

Don’t wait for your next deal to get stale. Contact us at 312-357-1601 or at to discuss your pending transaction and see how Cambridge can bring our Signature Experience ™ suite of capital to your opportunity.

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