Cambridge Realty Capital recently announced it will be rebranding its Capital Wisdom series of publications slightly, a change that will include the phasing out of its Capital Wisdom format altogether and a new release schedule for its Capital Wisdom Extra newsletter. The changes, although subtle, were introduced based on reader feedback and designed to better meet the needs of Cambridge’s clients and readership base, according to Cambridge Realty Capital President Jeffrey Davis.

Prior to January 2020, Capital Wisdom was Cambridge Realty Capital’s primary means for sharing senior living industry and finance-related information, news and stories with its substantial consumer base, consisting of senior living owners/operators, developers, industry-watchers and borrowers. Capital Wisdom, a multi-feature monthly publication, was supplemented by its twice-monthly publication, Capital Wisdom Extra, a shorter offering featuring a single story.

While readers have been genuinely enthusiastic about both of Cambridge’s publications, many admit being pressed for the time to read Capital Wisdom in its entirety each month, despite the interest that it held. “Our readers have communicated to us on multiple occasions in recent years their preference for a one-topic issue which they can read and absorb quickly,” Davis indicated. “Our readership base is largely made up of senior living operators and developers, professionals who are extremely busy and crave information that can be processed and digested in a few minutes’ time.”

With that in mind, Cambridge has phased out Capital Wisdom altogether. Instead, it will focus its efforts on Capital Wisdom Extra and publish it three times per month instead of two. Each Capital Wisdom Extra publication will still be focused on a single topic in a succinct, quick-read format.

It is a change that readers overwhelmingly indicate that they are in favor of. “Our readers appreciate the information that we share, particularly when the content includes relatable stories. We will continue to provide similar content, just in smaller ‘bites.’”

Davis also added that Cambridge remains committed to sharing all timely topics as they break, and Capital Wisdom Extra will be the future format. “Cambridge management feels Capital Wisdom Extra is a much better vehicle for communicating different macro and micro activities, focusing primarily on senior housing and the economy,” Davis affirmed. “The majority of the topics will be senior housing-related, on financing, acquisitions, and other timely topics. However, the impact of the general economy and different initiatives out of Washington is definitely relevant, and these topics will also be addressed in Capital Wisdom Extra.”

He continued, “Cambridge has a front-row seat to the ever-evolving world of senior housing, and Capital Wisdom Extra will definitely continue its evolution. We encourage dialogue from readership and specifically on topics they might have, so please don’t hesitate to share your topics with the editor of Capital Wisdom Extra and they will continue to incorporate your comments in future editions.”

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