Joseph Vince’s first experience with Cambridge Realty Capital was as a seller. At the time, Cambridge was representing a buyer purchasing a facility from a company Vince works for. Vince quickly discovered that Cambridge knew its stuff. “I got a few phone calls from Cambridge,” Vince stated. Usually, they were looking for paperwork of some type, and Vince said they were always pleasant and accommodating, but also very thorough when it came to “checking off all the boxes” necessary to make the deal happen. “We were impressed by Cambridge’s professionalism,” he noted.

Having worked with other lenders in the past, Vince had a clear frame of reference for comparison and said that it was his experience working with Cambridge as a seller that sold him on working with them when it came time for his company to refinance some of its properties. There was no question who Vince would call. “We wanted to work with Cambridge Realty Capital. We wouldn’t have worked with them on refinancing if they hadn’t done so well on the selling end.”

Vince really came to appreciate just how thorough Cambridge is when you’re on the borrowing end of a transaction. “They have a lot of checklists,” he quipped, “and just when you finish one checklist, they hand you another one. But,” he added quickly, “it sure made things easier for us.” There was never any guessing required. “Cambridge always let us know exactly what we needed to do next.”

Vince and his company worked closely with Cambridge Senior Managing Director Sampada D’Silva and Senior Financial Analyst Jerry Huang, and Vince was impressed by their professionalism and expertise. “Sampada D’Silva held our hand every step of the way,” Vince recalls, keeping the process on track and making sure deadlines were met. “Cambridge always kept us apprised and well-informed. They walked us through the whole process,” he noted, always ensuring that Vince’s company “crossed our t’s and dotted our i’s.”

Vince reported that from start to finish, the deal took about six months to complete. That time frame even included a government shutdown, a period of several weeks during which no HUD Lean applications were processed by HUD. Vince stated that Cambridge prepared his company thoroughly for the shutdown and hit the ground running again as soon as the shutdown ended. “They know how to run the process, that’s for sure,” Vince said.  Vince agrees that, based on all of his interactions with Cambridge, he would happily work with Cambridge again, as a borrower and as a seller, and would recommend Cambridge to others without hesitation.

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