National Organizations Manager and Managing Director of Catalyst/Cambridge Healthcare Finance Hymie Barber’s first interaction with Cambridge Realty Capital Chairman and President Jeffrey A. Davis almost ended before it began. Barber fondly recounts the deal that may not have happened if not for persistence on both his and Davis’ part in a candid video interview.

Cambridge Realty Capital has created an informative and compelling video series, “It’s a Done Deal,” to address common senior housing financing questions, as well as to help viewers get to know Cambridge staff and why they’re passionate about senior housing finance. “Our Talk with Hymie Barber” gives viewers an inside look at how Barber and Davis’ first deal came together and how that cemented their business relationship in the ensuing years. Barber talks about some of the things that attracted him to Cambridge Realty Capital in the first place and shares some of his predictions for what is to come in the future of the senior housing industry, including insightful commentary on the upcoming “silver tsunami” and its potential impact.

“Our Talk With Hymie Barber” is available for viewing 24 hours per day on Cambridge Realty Capital’s YouTube Channel, “ePulseLive”.


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