In a market that changes frequently, can a senior housing facility operator make a confident decision when it comes to financing capital? What difference does experience make when looking for a capital provider? How does the ever-changing market play into a facility owner’s choice in lenders and lending options?

Cambridge Realty Capital has created an informative and compelling video series, “Message from the Founders,” to answer these and other common questions, providing insights based on hands-on experience in the industry.

“Senior Housing for Today and the Future” features a candid discussion between Jeffrey A. Davis and Hymie Barber of Cambridge Realty Capital about the senior housing market: past, present and future. Find out what “match-making” means to them, what they believe makes up the ideal client and what the biggest issue Cambridge clients are facing. “Senior Housing for Today and the Future” is available for viewing 24 hours per day on Cambridge Realty Capital’s YouTube Channel, “ePulseLive”.

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