Cambridge Realty Capital Companies Chairman Jeffrey A. Davis says his company is client-centric, but what exactly does this mean?

“It means our team is 100 percent devoted to making certain the client has a great experience.  We’re solely focused on financing and investing in senior housing/healthcare properties and make no attempt to be all things to all people,” he says.

Mr. Davis says the company’s experience in senior housing spans decades, not years.  The company is privately owned and made a fortuitous decision to specialize in funding senior housing and nursing home properties more than 20 years ago, when HUD programs were not the mainstream products they’ve become today.

“To date, we’ve closed more than $5 billion in loans for senior housing/healthcare owners.  Our clients appreciate the fact that the company possesses all the advantages of working with a major money center bank, but without the bureaucratic hassles.

“An important advantage is that Cambridge is not required to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley, the bill the U.S. Congress enacted as a reaction to a number of major corporate and accounting scandals, including Enron and Worldcom,” he said.

Mr. Davis says the Cambridge business involved with underwriting HUD loans for senior housing and healthcare properties doesn’t work on apartment deals, student housing, single room occupancy housing, hotels and motels, or anything else.  This team is totally focused on underwriting senior housing/healthcare loans.

A non-HUD group at Cambridge is equally focused on executing conventional loans for senior housing clients, including Signature Bridge loans.  This team also is involved in private equity transactions and provides the operational underpinnings for the company.  It originates all senior housing transactions either directly with owners, through brokers, the company’s own Signature Correspondents, or through a multiplicity of industry referral sources.

“The company’s acquisition activity has given Team Cambridge its unique ability to view senior housing from the owner/operator’s point of view,” he said.

Mr. Davis estimates that the company has probably developed more relationships with owner/operators nationwide than companies five times its size.  “We’re able to make this philosophy work because the focus is solely on senior housing and nothing else,” he noted.

The Cambridge chairman explains that Cambridge has an extensive support team to provide the best experience for large and small companies alike.  The commitment of the support team is to make certain there is 100 percent alignment between production and deal makers on the Cambridge team.

“Clients recognize all this and once they’ve worked with Cambridge, it is rare when they do not become clients for life,” he said.

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