Politicians, athletes, and celebs aren’t the only ones tweeting great words of wisdom to their adoring – and maybe not so adoring – followers.  Hashtag fever has arrived big time in the senior housing/healthcare community as well.

For example, one can fire up their Twitter account and retrieve an amazingly succinct overview of macrocosmic developments unfolding at the recent National Investment Center (NIC) conference in the nation’s capital.  Based on his take of what was going down at the conference, Cambridge Chairman Jeffrey Davis posted these notes on his Twitter feed:.

#1 NICFall2016.  If there ever was a doubt about the level of interest in Senior Housing, recent NIC confirmed senior housing’s broad appeal.

# 2 NICFall2016. U.S. Senior Housing is setting the bar for international operators and investors. Great level of international participation at NIC conference.

#3 NICFall2016. With U.S. Presidential election just around the corner, it was surprising how little political conversation took place at NIC.

#4 NICFall2016. The lack of conversation on rising interest rates was surprising. Low rates continue to be taken for granted at NIC.

#5 NICFall2016. The magnitude of SNF’s for sale is staggering. Is this the herd theory at work or smart business decisions? Time will tell.

#6 NICFall2016. New debt & equity capital sources at Fall NIC staggering. If your deal makes sense, there is a home for it. Enjoy this time…..

#7 Current environment certain moment in the sun for Senior Housing M&A brokers. Low rates and more make perfect storm.

#8 Wage pressure/$15/hr wage issues the unspoken black cloud for Senior Housing. Mandated wage increases would be disaster.

#9 Nothing stopping the development train for now. Demographics along with new buildings will continue until lack of funding.

#10 From all at Cambridge, thank you NIC Team and especially the leader, Bob Kramer. You deliver great value year after year.

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