Transcendent Healthcare is a reputable, well-established healthcare facility operator in Indiana. However, it wasn’t long ago when Transcendent was a small start-up company with a handful of employees and a founder with big dreams.

Tom O’Niones developed both his strong work ethic and his passion for the senior care industry at a young age. He started at the bottom; literally, doing custodial and maintenance work at a skilled nursing facility. He was 16 years old.

He developed a reputation as a hard worker and was gradually given more responsibility. It was this job that first exposed him to the business, and it grew on him over the next several years.

While attending Ball State University after high school, he worked at a hospital. After college, O’Niones became a licensed healthcare administrator. Over the next several years he worked his way up the corporate ladder at Kindred Healthcare. However, all throughout his time with Kindred, O’Niones was nurturing a dream of owning his own healthcare company.

When he finally did strike out on his own, he was ready. He was confident he had the right skill set and experience necessary to succeed. Unfortunately, not everyone had the same kind of confidence in him.

His new company, Transcendent Healthcare, was awarded a contract to manage two nursing homes in Indiana that were in a state of transition. The underperforming facilities were being sold by their absentee owner.

O’Niones wanted to purchase the facilities. The problem was that no investors were willing to take a chance on him. No one, that is, except Cambridge Realty Capital.

Cambridge saw something in O’Niones and his company. It made a unique proposal: Cambridge itself would purchase the two Indiana facilities. It would then lease those facilities to Transcendent.

Transcendent’s charge was to turn the facilities around and make them profitable. Once Transcendent was able to meet those goals, Cambridge would arrange for HUD funding and sell the properties to Transcendent.

Even Transcendent’s own lawyer was wary of this deal. However, Cambridge was convinced that the young company was up to the task, and O’Niones had faith in Cambridge.

“Cambridge went out on a limb for me,” O’Niones stated. He was so pleased with his experience with Cambridge that he worked with them again on the purchase of another nursing facility. “Cambridge is exceptionally knowledgeable, resourceful and systematic, and it delivers on its promises. I’d recommend them to anyone.”

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