Senior living facility operators are faced with a number of significant decisions when it comes to choosing a financing option. Perhaps the most significant is the question of interest rate choices: should an owner/operator choice a fixed rate or a variable rate on a facility loan? Jeffrey A. Davis, founder and Chairman/CEO of Cambridge Realty Capital, addresses the interest rate question in an enlightening and informative video entitled “Interest Rate Choices.” This video interview will help to bring clarity to the subject for those about make this complex choice.

Cambridge Realty Capital has created a compelling video series, “Message from the Founders,” to address common senior housing financing questions as well as to provide commentary based on hands-on experience in the industry. “Interest Rate Choices” takes an insightful look at some of the differences between variable and fixed-rate loans in relation to senior housing. In this short video, Davis discusses some of the critical factors that will come into play when a particular operator is looking at his specific circumstances, both in terms of the property and an owner/operator’s own personal situation. Davis talks about some of the differences between conventional banks and government-backed lenders like HUD, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and how their preferences affect the types of interest rates they are able to offer. Viewers will also learn why HUD prefers to fund skilled nursing facilities while Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac tend to favor independent, assisted living and memory care facilities.

“Interest Rate Choices” is available for viewing 24 hours per day on Cambridge Realty Capital’s YouTube Channel, “ePulseLive”,

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