HUD loans offer some significant and noteworthy benefits compared to traditional mortgages. Nevertheless, some of the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of the HUD loan and the process a senior facility operator must go through to qualify for one can be confusing. Add to it the bulk of information available on the Web about HUD loans, much of which can seem contradictory, and senior facility operators often feel at a loss to determine who has their best interests at heart.

Cambridge Realty Capital has created an insightful and candid video series called “It’s a Done Deal” to give viewers an inside look at what sets Cambridge apart from its competitors and to provide commentary by Cambridge staff based on hands-on experience in the industry. “HUD FAQs” was created to address some of the most common questions that facility operators have about HUD loans and the process surrounding them. Bill Janis, Sr. Marketing Associate and Zach Scardina, Assistant Vice President at Cambridge help to make sense of some of those questions in this enlightening and straightforward video interview. Using uncomplicated language and insightful explanations, Scardina and Janis explain what a borrower should know prior to the HUD application process. Viewers will learn how the implementation of the HUD Lean program made the loan process a smoother one for borrowers. Finally, potential borrowers can learn whether or not they make a good candidate for a HUD and why Cambridge is the best firm to get loan candidates the funding they require.

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