While many people think of Cambridge Realty Capital as a “HUD lender,” Cambridge founder Jeffrey A. Davis sees his company’s role differently. Rather than being a HUD lender, Davis considers his job to be that of a “HUD interpreter.” While HUD has played a significant role in how Cambridge does business, it is by no means its singular focus, nor is it always the best financing option, an idea that Davis explores more in depth in a video entitled “The Evolution of Senior Housing.”

Cambridge Realty Capital has created an informative and compelling video series, “Message from the Founders,” to address common senior housing financing questions as well as to provide commentary based on hands-on experience in the industry. “The Evolution of Senior Housing” is an informative look at the changes that the senior housing industry has gone through over the decades. Those changes have affected the way Cambridge Realty Capital does business, something that Cambridge founder Jeffrey A. Davis talks about in this insightful interview. Keeping up with those changes and evolving with the industry is one of the key factors in Cambridge’s ongoing success and its clients’ ability to offer exceptional services. Viewers will learn how senior housing differs from other types of commercial real estate transactions and what that means both to facility operators and to family members whose loved ones are being cared for in a senior living facility. Viewers will also come to understand why Cambridge Realty Capital has become America’s premier senior housing capital lender.

“The Evolution of Senior Housing” is available for viewing 24 hours per day on Cambridge Realty Capital’s YouTube Channel, “ePulseLive”.

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