It’s a Done Deal Series

Since the introduction of the HUD Lean program, HUD financing has become an even more desirable funding option for senior facility operators. The streamlined HUD Lean program means faster and more efficient processing of borrowers’ applications, a fact that indicates that HUD financing is likely to become more appealing to senior facility operators in years to come, according to Cambridge Realty Capital Senior Vice President Brent Holman-Gomez.

Cambridge Realty Capital has created an informative and compelling video series, “It’s a Done Deal,” to address common senior housing financing questions as well as to help viewers get to know Cambridge staff and why they’re passionate about senior housing finance. “The Current HUD Financing Environment” is a candid video interview with Holman-Gomez outlining his take on the growing popularity of HUD Lean as well as his predictions for its future growth. “HUD is reliably always the lowest-priced option in the market,” says Holman-Gomez, and he explains why in this enlightening three-minute video designed to answer some common questions about HUD, the Lean process and the future for senior facility operators who are considering HUD financing for their facilities. Holman-Gomez shares his thoughts about the streamlined program and its potential impact on the senior housing market. He also talks about Cambridge’s clients’ concerns about rising interest rates and what they should do in response to such concerns and addresses the impact of the Affordable Care Act on senior housing. While the video was initially released in 2013, the information it contains is still relevant and eye-opening today.

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