Message From the Founders Series

Cambridge Realty Capital has a unique investment strategy, and it has evolved in significant ways over the years. Cambridge founder Jeffrey A. Davis talks about how it has changed since he started Cambridge Realty Capital in 1983 in an informative video entitled “Cambridge’s Senior Housing Investment and Finance Program.”

Cambridge Realty Capital has created a compelling video series, “Message from the Founders”, to address common senior housing financing questions as well as to provide commentary based on hands-on experience in the industry. Cambridge’s “Senior Housing Investment and Finance Program” video offers an insider’s look at its investment strategy and how it was developed. Davis provides insightful commentary on how important the facility operator is in a specific transaction and discusses some of the elements of a successful partnership. Davis speaks candidly about how past successes help to predict future outcomes. Viewers will also learn about one of the biggest investment strategy changes that Cambridge has made in recent years.

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