Social media in nursing homes is not something that often comes to mind, but adults who were 40 years old when internet became “mainstream” are now turning 70 in America. Some reports state that social media in nursing homes has no place, but ignoring the specter of social media concerns in caring for the elderly is bad advice. Effective marketing on all businesses, including future senior care facilities, will likely involve social media marketing campaigns.

A prudent investor will ask the following on the front of social media:

What kind of social media presence does the asset have?

What kind of marketing efforts are being made internally in the business?

How are promotions handled, which affects cash flow?

How would social media affect privacy?

Developers should strive to keep an open door policy in the information age, but with respect to senior citizens, social media may expose vulnerable adults to internet predators. Therefore, it is best to remain guarded but not absent.

One recent source provided information regarding health privacy laws, and some firms have suggested posting disclaimers related to social media within senior living facilities. Furthermore, no medical advice should be given online. Read the full list of advice on how to not be exposed through social media here.

Marketing Value

Even though there is ample advice to scare an online user from posting on social media outlets, there are benefits to maintaining free access to social media and even promoting its use to keep residents informed. “Nursing homes, assisted-living facilities and rehab communities are not known for being active in social media—yet. But changes in Medicare mean communication with patients and families and the employees who care for them is more important than ever.”

Cambridge Realty Capital can help investors figure out how senior facilities are maintaining a digital footprint and can even advise on the way marketing facilities are impacted online. The opportunities of social media engaging the senior population are infinite, and this group of adults should not be underestimated. Some senior care facility residents participate in YouTube campaigns as a showing of solidarity and companionship with their staff and neighbors. For example, one YouTube posting from a senior facility shows some residents dancing as part of their involvement in their community. This is noteworthy, because YouTube channels can be very powerful to engage not only stakeholders but to showcase to random viewers and create impressions for marketing value.

Be Cautious but Be Present

While not every facility is guaranteed to cultivate an immediate sense of community and solidarity, the properly designed facility will appeal to new residents and is likely to fill quickly. It is important for developers to consider factors for making the housing desirable to seniors who seek facilities that are clean and promote comfort. Some sources conducted studies for elderly happiness and report that lack of clutter combined with an emphasis on convenience and freedom will likely increase desirability. Some cultures have observed this as “Feng Shui.”

The sense of belonging is often overlooked when planning for the community development of residents due to such diligence on sanitation and amenities. However, at Cambridge Realty Capital, no detail is spared in discussing your project. We will assist in developing the investment that enhances your project so that you can best serve the senior population in need of senior housing, and thus investors backing these important development projects.

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