Technology is usually synonymous with Silicon Valley. According to a recent article, senior living communities are now just as prevalent in the area. Silicon Valley investors, developers, and start-ups are looking to capitalize on the new trend. According to recent financial analysis, investors believe that senior living housing facilities, services, and technology-based innovation represent a $7 trillion dollar market. The logic coming from Silicon Valley is simple, there is a current demand and a prospective demand for senior living housing and as such, there is exponential opportunity for technology-based innovation, goods, and services.

In fact, one analyst highlights that “the boom in startups focused on the senior market is not new, the latest investment figures reinforce its growing scale and scope, giving providers even more motivation to learn what’s in development that has the potential to disrupt the senior living status quo.” For Silicon Valley developers and investors, the senior market is an opportunity to market touchpads, health gadgets, and other technology-based products that may draw significant interest among seniors.

This is especially true among digital health companies that are looking to develop and innovate within the senior living space, where there is already an existing demand among seniors for such technology-based products. As the article highlights, “digital health companies active in the senior space have seen a dramatic increase in funding from investors, and this has been documented in quarterly reports from StartUp Health, an entrepreneurship development company.” As such, many digital health companies are seeking to align with senior living facility-based home builders and technology firms.

Senior housing investors are at a pivotal moment in time, and many Silicon Tech firms taking economic advantage of the trends among senior residents to seek housing and care facilities. Cambridge Realty Capital is versed in a variety of investments in the senior housing market. Our experience and expertise make us a leader in the investment world.

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