There’s a “new look” at Cambridge Realty Capital Companies.

As part of its new corporate identity program, the company has redesigned its corporate logo and website and rebranded other marketing communications tools it uses to communicate with an expanding lineup of national clients, Chairman Jeffrey A. Davis reports.

“The new format accommodates the growing array of devices clients use to access online information.   Our intention is to provide information posted on the website in a more logical and organized format that speeds information retrieval,” he said.

As part of the company’s rebranding effort, Cambridge has renamed its semi-monthly, customer-oriented email and online newsletter Cambridge Capital Wisdom™.  The newsletter posts features and reports dealing with company news, opinions and industry trends.

A companion publication, Capital Wisdom Extra™, is being sent to clients and business associates on a bimonthly basis as a short, single-issue report or testimonial.   And Cambridge loan officers are now sending informational emails directly to clients as part of a new program the company calls Capital Wisdom Monthly Currency™. 

“Over the years, Cambridge has made improving the quality and effectiveness of client communications a top priority for the business.  Our goal has been to maximize every opportunity we find to improve the dialogue with clients in order to enhance our effectiveness,” Davis added.

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