Here’s a true story that senior housing/healthcare borrowers may find impressive.

A client called to inform Cambridge’s National Originations Manager Hymie Barber that he (the client) had just received an offer from a competitor promising to finance his properties at a rate that would save him lots of money.  So why, the client wondered, had he not received a similar offer from Cambridge?

In addition to his duties as National Originations Manager, Barber is Managing Director for Catalyst/Cambridge Healthcare Finance in Los Angeles.  He was ready with an answer that typifies the company’s approach to client relations.

“We were able to tell the client that we did not suggest this approach because we had already crunched his numbers and realized he didn’t qualify for the program.  The client kindly thanked us for having his back.

“Looking out for the client’s interest in this way is how things are done at Cambridge. We place a high value on not wasting anyone’s valuable time pursuing phantom deals that have no chance of ever getting done,” Barber said.

According to Jerry Nudo, a Principal at Chicago-based Marc Realty, “Everyone says they’re good.  Cambridge backs this up with an impressive list of closed transactions,” he said, adding:  

“Borrowers working with Cambridge appreciate the fact that the company totally understands what will and will not work. They also like the fact that Cambridge gets things done in a timely, expeditious manner.

“If Cambridge is presenting their acquisition deal or loan, it’s like being introduced to the funding process by an old friend as opposed to someone off the street.  If Cambridge says a deal has merit, this means something to capital sources.

“The Cambridge staff is smart, hardworking and totally focused on getting customers the loans they want most.  Not many people can do that,” he said.

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