No one knows better the importance of working with an experienced service provider than an experienced consumer. This is true for a variety of circumstances, whether you are shopping for a new vehicle or you’re in the market for a loan. Naturally, Cambridge Realty Capital wants to be your senior living loan provider. However, Cambridge President Jeffrey Davis knows that when it comes to applying for a loan, “borrowers trust other borrowers to provide them with reliable advice and insight on choosing a senior living loan provider that is based on their own firsthand experience.” And the more experience a borrower has had, the more insight they will be able to provide.

Cambridge prefers to point to its existing clients when asked by first-time borrowers and new clients about Cambridge’s edge in the senior living lending market, particularly clients like Denny Howell, CEO of Howell Investment Finance. Howell’s company routinely works with nursing home owners and believes that HUD loans are one of the best loan products available for these clients. “HUD Lean financing has enabled record numbers of senior care borrowers to lock in the lowest long-term interest rates they’re likely to see for a very long time,” said Howell. However, he goes on to qualify that statement by adding, “the product only becomes the perfect solution when the FHA-approved HUD lender originating the loan has the knowledge and expertise needed to deliver on promises and flawlessly guide the loan through a complicated application and underwriting process.”

Like Cambridge, Howell also has three decades of experience in his field and has worked with his fair share of lenders throughout the years. So when a client came to his company looking for a nursing home loan, he shopped around for a loan that would afford his client the most favorable rates and terms. As it turned out, Cambridge was “the obvious winner,” Howell attested. “(The rest) weren’t even close. Cambridge kept coming back to us with the answers we were looking for.”

Here’s some more shrewd advice from another experienced senior living borrower, Eric Rothner, CEO of Hunter Management and CEO of Extended Care Consulting of Evanston, IL: trust Cambridge to deliver sound advice. Rothner’s company had just closed on a substantial HUD loan, $35 million. Rothner had been working with Cambridge President Andrew Erkes, and Erkes had advised Rothner to lock in the interest rate for the loan by the end of the business day. Rothner decided to take his chances and wait until the next day, a move that ended up adding thousands of dollars in extra interest to the total. “This proved to be a costly move on my part,” Rothner lamented. Rates had moved up about 18 points. “When I saw how things were going, I couldn’t get to the phone fast enough.”

Cambridge doesn’t have a crystal ball, nor any other supernatural powers when it comes to predicting what the market is going to do. Rather, its seemingly uncanny ability to judge the direction which the market is going comes from more than three decades of experience in the lending market and the senior living industry. Cambridge is solely focused on the senior living industry, and experienced borrowers like Howell, Rothner and many others understand the value of working with a loan provider as experienced as Cambridge Realty Capital.

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