America’s population is getting older, and because of this population shift, housing and healthcare is a growing concern. The Eldercare locator, a federally-funded help line for the senior population, was set up to take calls to assist seniors in determining their best senior living options. The Eldercare locator reported that in 2014, seniors across the country requested assistance over 271,200 times for referrals regarding senior housing and healthcare resources in their areas. Data from this report demonstrated that seniors are increasingly taking charge to educate themselves on the best potential options for their own long-term care plan.

The Eldercare locator is funded by the U.S. Administration on Aging. The call center is operational five days per week during business hours. Eldercare counselors are also equipped for more complex caller inquiries and can provide support surrounding long term care decision-making. The2014 Eldercare Locator Data Report estimated that seven percent of call center inquiries are escalated to senior staff for handling, and of those advanced inquiries, 37 percent are inquiries involving long term care services and guidance on available senior care services and communities. One of the most frequent inquiries received by the call center in 2014 was related to difficulty finding affordable and accessible senior housing. In general, approximately 15 percent of seniors that call the Eldercare locator are looking for information about housing, and most are interested in senior living communities.

The report showed that the average call comes from the senior him or herself – on average age 60 or older. The Eldercare locator was originally created as a resource for caregivers, but it has turned into a hotline used by seniors for inquiries for their own housing and long term care options. “A combination of factors—living on a fixed income and changing accessibility needs which may require modifying an existing home or finding a new one—present significant challenges for older adults,” the report said. “As the gap between demand for housing suitable for older adults and available supply widens, the number of inquiries on this topic is expected to grow.”

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