Recently Cambridge Realty Capital has been providing several HUD backed loans to refinance a variety of senior housing centers. One of the many examples of this is an almost 16 million dollar HUD insured loan to refinance a nursing facility in Ottawa, Illinois called Ottawa Pavilion. Underwriting FHA-insured HUD loans is a specialty of Cambridge Realty Capital and this recent loan is only the latest in a long line of successful undertakings that Cambridge has taken on. Cambridge Realty Capital is not the only company that has seen the potential in the senior housing and investment market. A variety of companies have recently closed a variety of loans for a variety of diverse markets in the senior housing world. These loans show the strength and diversity in the senior housing investment market, and how many companies are embracing the senior housing market.

Other investment and capital companies are seeing the benefits of investing in senior housing care. Recently, Sabra Health Care acquired a portfolio of five senior housing facilities in Illinois and four facilities in Oregon andWashington. The CEO of Sabra Health Care stated that the recent acquisitions “represent new markets” that they are excited about expanding into. This increases their already diversified portfolio of a variety of senior care investments. RED Mortgage Capital, the propriety mortgage-banking arm of RED Capital group recently closed an 11.1 Million dollar loan for a senior living facility in Utah, with Fannie Mae providing the capital for the loan. These are just two examples of recent loans that the senior housing market has made in the past few months. Others include two loans for $366.7 million for 39 senior housing properties, a $44.5 million for a New York facility, and a $109.4 loan for an expansion of a facility in Houston, Texas.

The loans are not merely to expand and re-finance existing facilities. There was recently a $36.3 million loan for the construction of a continuing care retirement facility.

Additionally, several senior housing investments are faring well on the stock market. Senior Housing Properties Trust has edged higher, and although it had a bit of a rocky year, has gained 2.91% in the last month.

The strength in the senior housing investment and loan market is a stark contrast to other more volatile areas of investment. With the volatility in the Chinese and European markets, and the uncertainty in the American markets investment in real estate is a smart investment. This is supported by the overwhelming activity in the marketplace.

All of the interest in the senior housing world has created a nice buzz about senior housing investment. In an ever-crowded pond Cambridge Realty Capital continues to be a leader in the ever-growing world of senior care housing and finance. Our experience in this sector sets us apart and ahead of the pack. We use this experience to help our investors make the best financial decisions.

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