Repeat clients make up a significant percentage of Cambridge Realty Capital’s business. Cambridge Vice President Anthony T. Marino believes one of the major reasons for this is Cambridge’s ability to forge and maintain relationships and develop open communication with its clients. Marino explains how Cambridge staff strives for ongoing, lasting relationships in a video entitled “Choosing Cambridge (Repeatedly!)”

Cambridge Realty Capital has created an insightful and candid video series to give viewers an inside look at what sets Cambridge apart from its competitors and to provide commentary by Cambridge staff based on hands-on experience in the industry. “Choosing Cambridge (Repeatedly!)” looks at some of the things that Cambridge clients have said about how Cambridge serves its clients, from the initial inquiry stage all the way to post-closing. Marino shares his thoughts on what other senior facility owner/operators are missing out on by not working with Cambridge. Viewers will also discover how HUD financing has changed the senior facility industry and hear Marino’s  predictions regarding HUD changes in the future.

“Choosing Cambridge (Repeatedly!)” is available for viewing 24 hours per day on Cambridge Realty Capital’s YouTube Channel, “ePulseLive“, or on Cambridge’s “It’s a Done Deal” video series page.

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