Andrew Delman is the owner of National Preservation Housing Partners (NPHP) and a long-time client of Cambridge Realty Capital. According to Cambridge founder and President Jeffrey Davis, Delman’s company has closed approximately 25 loans worth $200 million over several years. “We have a very strong, dynamic relationship with NPHP,” he stated.

NPHP is a well-known and respected operator of several dozen Section 8 low-income senior housing properties in five states. Delman is considered to be an expert not only on Section 8 housing, but also on HUD-related issues.

So when a HUD expert offers advice on the best place to obtain a HUD loan, it makes sense to take note. As one of Cambridge’s most prolific clients, Delman has this to say about working with Cambridge: “First and foremost, Cambridge is professional, knowledgeable – and honest. The company doesn’t promise what the borrower wants to hear but what it can get done.” In other words, Cambridge won’t try to reel a customer in by making speculations or shaky promises, only to come back after the customer has made a substantial investment of time and say the deal can’t be done.

And after 30 years in this business, Cambridge has developed what is part science and part art: a keen ability to quickly assess a customer’s eligibility, along with issues the customer may need to address to increase his odds of successfully obtaining funding through its unique 4-step process known as “The Signature Experience.”

Delman is acutely aware that HUD underwriting is a much more complex process than some may realize. “The HUD end product may appear to be a commodity but the process that delivers it is not,” he contends. He notes that there are stringent criteria, particularly for Section 8 borrowers like his company because they are dealing with multiple federal programs. As far as Delman is concerned, Cambridge is his first and best choice for financing. Cambridge is knowledgeable not just in HUD, but also all of the other federal agencies that come into play in a Section 8 transaction.

“Cambridge can be relied upon to find solutions for whatever problems arise,” Delman said, adding, that he doesn’t need to second-guess its advice. “What you hear from Cambridge you can trust.” That includes Cambridge’s fees. “The profit and fee structure is transparent,” he stated.

Cambridge earned Delman’s confidence early on, and he continues to work with Cambridge decades later because he values the experience and work ethic Cambridge brings to the table. “Setting realistic expectations, building relationships and treating people fairly inspires loyalty and is what Cambridge is all about,” he said.

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