After 11 years at 125 S. Wacker Drive, Cambridge Realty Capital gets a new “home” in a new Chicago neighborhood. According to Cambridge founder and Chairman Jeffrey Davis, the move came about for a few reasons.

“Our former location was no longer able to serve our present needs,” Davis stated. Since settling at the old Wacker Drive location, Cambridge has grown significantly. New staff and positions have been added over the decade, and, despite the economic crash of 2008, business has increased.

Davis also noted that Cambridge’s two divisions were physically separated in the former location. It was a situation that made it difficult for communication and collaboration to occur between the two. Additionally, the space was looking worn and outdated. Staff members agreed that a fresh start in a newer, brighter, more modern space was just what the company needed.

The new office at 1 North LaSalle Street isn’t far from the old building. Staying in the same general vicinity of the city was an important criteria for relocating in order to maintain a sense of continuity with and remain accessible to Cambridge’s clients and associates.

The new location is a little bit of the best of two worlds: old and new. A vintage building, Davis describes it as “not just glass and steel but also having lots of character…it brought a special feeling to everybody.” Inside the office, which comprises an entire private tower floor, the look is fresh, clean and contemporary.

It provides plenty of practical workspace, as well as beautiful public areas and spaces for meeting with clients. Best of all, Cambridge’s two divisions are no longer separated by physical barriers. “It is much more conducive to interaction and camaraderie.”

Davis and the rest of the staff at Cambridge spent a few long and frantic days packing and making the move in mid-January. Everyone was a little bit tired, but according to Davis, there was no complaining. “All in all, it was a very positive experience and a great move. The reviews have come in and, to a letter, everybody is very happy.” That includes both staff and visitors to the new space. “People love the new environment and look of the space.”

The ink is barely dry on the new company letterhead, but the two divisions are already engaging with each other on a much more collaborative level at the LaSalle Street address.

Davis is grateful to the Cambridge staff for their dedication to helping make the move a success. He is confident that the next decade is only going to get better for Cambridge, and that this is the best place for it to happen.

Please take note of Cambridge’s new contact info:

Cambridge Realty Capital Companies

1 North LaSalle, 37th floor
Chicago, IL 60602
Main Telephone:  312-357-1601
Fax: 312-357-1611
Web Site:

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