Hymie Barber, Cambridge Realty Capital’s National Originations Manager, believes that the future of the senior housing and healthcare industry looks bright. Mr. Barber believes that there are many variables affecting the market these days, but the long term future is looking positive. “There are many things impacting the capital market these days. Also, operators are rightfully concerned about interest rates, reimbursements from government programs and the inevitable changes produced by competitive factors,” Barber says. “Anticipating how short-term developments might unfold is problematic. But there are some very good reasons why healthcare industry prognosticators are more comfortable addressing the industry’s long-term prospects.” Barber says that it is all about demographics.

Barber says that the industry demographic predictions are essentially uniform across the board. Every source has similar predictions about the future of the American population and the senior housing and healthcare sector. “Every industry conference we attend or newsletter on the subject we read confirms the American population is aging and the dementia population is not abating but growing larger. There may be some bumps in the road, but senior housing/healthcare will remain a healthy growth business for the foreseeable future. Our approach has been to plan for the worst but hope for the best. It seems to be working for us,” he said.

Cambridge Realty Capital is one of the country’s leading senior housing and healthcare lenders. We offer the industry the full range of available capital programs. We offer financing and guidance for all available government loans, as well as the full range of conventional programs. Barber points out that Cambridge also boasts a solid acquisitions business that allows us to get directly involved with property acquisitions, joint ventures, and sale/leaseback transactions. “The program has been gaining traction as people see we’ve closed a fair amount of these deals.” Cambridge is “acutely aware” of current happenings in the financial markets. Cambridge acts as a strategic advisor to our clients, where we present clients with available options and the best possible course of action. “We’re obviously optimistic about the industry’s future. A bold new step for the company has Cambridge creating new ways to partner with brokerage firms that share its vision of the future,” Barber said.

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Cambridge Realty Capital specializes in providing financing and capital for senior living facilities, whether you are looking for capital to complete a merger or acquisition, make improvements to an existing facility, or expand your community to meet the influx of seniors needing housing or long term care. For any questions regarding finance and capital for your Senior Living initiative, contact Cambridge Realty Capital.

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