If there is one thing that is a more valuable commodity than money, it’s time. For many, time is money. However, time is also availability for for family, leisure activities and personal growth. So when you find a business ally that not only values your money but also respects your time, it’s a win for everyone. According to Denny Howell, founder and CEO of Howell Investment Finance in Ames, lowa, “[One] thing Cambridge doesn’t do is waste anyone’s time.”

Howell found this out firsthand when he worked with a client from Iowa. The client, The Views Holdings LLC, was looking for refinancing for two of its senior care properties in Cedar Rapids, Iowa: MeadowView Memory Care and RidgeView Assisted Living. Howell’s company made numerous inquiries and researched various loan products and providers trying to secure the best rate and terms for its client. In the end, it was Cambridge that “kept coming back to us with the answers we were looking for,” Howell stated. In fact, Howell attested, “Cambridge is not a large company that takes forever to get an answer from someone in another office across the country. With Cambridge, I often hear back the same day or the next day and quite often, I’m talking directly to the decisionmaker.”

Not only that, but Cambridge remained attentive throughout the entire application process. Howell worked mainly with Vice President Anthony Marino and Vice President Zachary Scardina. “They are both very helpful and knowledgeable,” said Howell. “They do not waste my time.” Howell’s client was also extremely pleased with its experience with Cambridge, so much so that when it came time for them to build a new facility in Marion, Iowa near Cedar Rapids, they went to Cambridge for a new construction loan. The new facility is set for completion in the spring of 2019.

Chris Hyldahl, Senior Managing Director and Founding Partner of Blueprint Healthcare Real Estate Advisors had a similar experience with Cambridge Realty Capital. Hyldahl worked with Davis and Cambridge’s National Originations Manager Hymie Barber on a 2015 deal his company brokered on behalf of a client. “Cambridge is extremely professional, well organized, punctual and decisive. And there’s no waiting around for a committee or board to pass or fail a project,” he stated. “What’s nice about working a deal with Cambridge is the company functions as a tight-knit crew that keeps everyone in the information loop and makes important decisions quickly. The company doesn’t have a corporate feel to it.”

The Cambridge staff works hard to maintain that ‘non-corporate,’ small business feel by making themselves available to answer clients’ questions and respond quickly to emails and phone messages. “No matter where they are, Andy Erkes and Cambridge Chairman Jeff Davis find ways to make themselves available,” Eric Rothner, CEO of Hunter and CEO of Extended Care Consulting, LLC, of Evanston, III, agreed. Rothner worked with Cambridge to obtain a 35 million-dollar HUD loan.

Ultimately, what lies at the heart of the practice of making itself available to its customers is Cambridge’s authentic, genuine desire to care for its clients needs. Says Davis, “Respecting a client’s time is a key part of Cambridge’s formula for success.”

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