Relationships are important in all aspects of business, and the relationship with your lender is no different. Senior housing providers may wish to listen to the words of Cambridge Realty Capital’s Managing Director Sampada D’silva – “Establishing a positive, long term relationship with a lender is important to the borrower for many reasons, most obviously because relationships built in mutual trust, respect, and candor make the outcome of any loan application more predictable.” Ms. D’silva believes that providing reliable and accurate information is the cornerstone of lasting and productive business relationships.

When a senior housing provider is preparing for a new construction project or acquisition, one of the first steps is applying for a loan. The borrower needs to be as thorough as possible to ensure that all bases are covered, and all information is true and accurate. Providing incomplete information can also create a host of unexpected problems. Lenders are often asked to make projections, and because of this it is important the borrower provides accurate information. Not only does providing complete and accurate information assist with streamlining the borrowing process, honesty and full disclosure helps to build the relationship with your lender.

Selecting a Lender for your Senior Housing Project? Look No Further than Cambridge Realty Capital

Cambridge Realty Capital is an excellent choice, as we specialize in funding for senior housing projects. Not only does Cambridge stress the importance of relationship building and trust, but it is one of the nation’s leading HUD 232 lenders. Cambridge is more than a lender – the company is also well-versed in acquisitions. Cambridge’s acquisition subsidiary, Cambridge Investment and Finance Company, acquires assets through an advanced strategy that includes joint ventures, direct acquisitions, sale/leasebacks, conventional and mezzanine debt financing, and acquiring distressed debt. Since 2003, this division of Cambridge has partnered with senior housing companies and acquiring assisted living, skilled nursing, and independent living properties. We can assist with acquiring a property and executing your business plan. Similar to an REIT, Cambridge Investment and Finance Company can lease a senior housing property to you and your company can control its operations.

Contact Cambridge Realty Capital

Cambridge Realty Capital specializes in providing financing and capital for large-scale improvements and construction projects for senior living facilities. We also have expertise in mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures. For any questions regarding finance and capital for your senior living initiative, contact Cambridge Realty Capital. Our experts are standing by to help you improve your community.

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