One of the biggest challenges for senior living executives is demonstrating the value of an assisted living facility. According to a recent study conducted by Merrill Lynch, 85% of retirees said they would prefer to receive care in their own homes, compared to only 10% who stated a preference for an assisted living facility. This statistic alone is sufficient evidence that the value of assisted living facilities is not fully communicated to seniors as well as to the family members who often are the main decision makers in placing loved ones in an assisted living facility. It is essential that the senior living industry markets not only to the prospective resident, but also to the family caregivers.

Confronting the Guilt of the Deciding Family Members

Deciding to move a loved one into assisted living is difficult, and can bring up feelings of guilt. This is an opportunity for senior living facilities to demonstrate the value of assisted living vs. in-home care. It is critical to tailor marketing to reach the family members of a retiree who would benefit from assisted living, as 85% of caregivers are family members. Many family members hesitate to place an elderly family member in assisted living, even though it may be the best solution. That said it is important that advertising and marketing for senior living appeals to both the senior citizen and the adult child or other family caregiver. Marketing should focus on education and relationship-building with the senior living community, so all parties involved can trust that assisted living is the best option for the senior’s care, and the best solution for the entire family.

Consumer Education and Social Media Marketing

The senior living industry needs to educate the consumer about available options, making the right assisted living decision for the retiree, and demonstrating what daily life is like in an assisted living community. Assisted living providers can create the conversation by utilizing all kinds of media to get information out there, including TV, radio, print media, and now more than ever, social media, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Utilizing the media to demonstrate the culture of the facility can show the public, including both seniors and family members, that this is a community that they would love to join, or are comfortable entrusting the care of their loved one. Senior living providers can use social media to illustrate an unparalleled resident experience.

Senior living providers can also utilize social media and analytics to create tailored responses to those researching senior living facilities. Initiating contact to a prospective resident or family member within minutes of their showing interest online makes that person much more likely to engage with the facility. This type of lead-generation makes prospects much more likely to want to learn more information or even schedule a tour of the facility.

Marketing to potential residents and family members is one important way to generate revenue for your senior living community. For other improvements to your community that require additional capital, let the experts atCambridge Realty Capital help. Contact us today to learn more about the various financing options available.

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