If there was such a thing as a rating system for FHA-approved HUD lenders, appraiser Michael Cooper, MAI, says he would award the highest prize – a 5-Star rating – to Chicago-based Cambridge Realty Capital Companies.

Mr. Cooper is President and Founder of the Cooper Valuation Group, which opened for business six years ago in Hinsdale, Ill.   But he has been working with Team Cambridge since the turn of the century and has nothing but praise for the group of individuals he believes to be “the best in the industry at what they do.”

“No one understands the HUD program better than Andy Erkes and the folks at Cambridge,” he maintains.

Mr. Erkes is President of Cambridge Realty Capital Ltd. of Illinois, the Cambridge business that underwrites HUD loans.  Mr. Cooper says others on the list of “folks” he works with at the company are Vice President Tony Marino, Cambridge Managing Director Sampada D’silva and Assistant Vice President Zach Scardina.  He also “shares stories” with Chairman Jeffrey Davis from time to time.

“The Cambridge staff is exceptionally competent and thrives on getting even complex transactions moving swiftly through the system,” he said.

The Cooper Valuation Group is a commercial real estate appraisal and market analysis firm that specializes in healthcare and senior housing properties.   The business provides a three-tiered approach that includes an appraisal, market study and supporting forms.

“We have a very healthy respect for Andy and his Cambridge colleagues, and for the firm’s ability to instantly focus on the most important parts of the process.  Andy’s special gift is an ability to cut directly to the chase.  If there’s an issue, he’ll quickly address it, going straight to the heart of the matter,” Mr. Cooper said, adding:

“Cambridge does a great job of focusing on the Big Picture and is especially good at fitting all the pieces together.  The staff is knowledgeable about stabilized, new construction and sub-rehabs – the entire spectrum.

“The company is absolutely outstanding about getting information out.  Everything we need to know is ready from the start.  And any questions we might have are answered swiftly. The company does an outstanding job of vetting clients and has a solid reputation with HUD as a result,” he added.

“Cambridge uses an internal filtering system to take a long, hard look at every deal to make certain it has a strong chance of closing. The company knows what facts we need to do our job and is especially good at gathering this information from borrowers,” he said.

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