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Sale/Leaseback Financing

If you are a senior housing/healthcare facility owner who wants to focus on developing and operating your facility to its fullest potential and deploy all of your capital towards its operations, Cambridge’s sale/leaseback financing program is tailor-made for you.

Via our private equity arm, Cambridge Investment and Finance Company, LLC, we will acquire the property and provide the debt and equity financing, and will then lease the facility back to you.

Our extensive experience and long-term track record of 450 closed senior housing transactions in excess of $4.5 billion, and our successful acquisitions of senior housing properties provides us with the knowledge and expertise to allow you the freedom to do what you do best: focus 100% on operating a top-level facility, with the necessary capital to make it happen. For more information, check out our Program Sheets and Executive Summaries.

Don’t wait for your next deal to get stale. Contact us at 312-357-1601 or at to discuss your pending transaction and see how Cambridge can bring our Signature Experience ™ suite of capital to your opportunity.

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