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October: Some Advice For Senior Housing/Healthcare Owners: Put The Needs Of Residents First

October: Cambridge Provides $3.2 Million HUD Loan To Refinance Kadie Glen

October: Even Oceans Apart, Cambridge Still Gets The Job Done

October: “The Only Constant Is Change:” Motto Drives Cambridge Forward

September: Is It Better to Lease or To Own Senior Care Facilities?

September: HUD Still Offers The Best Rates And Terms In The Marketplace, Say Cambridge Presidents

September: Cambridge Provides $11 Million HUD Loan For Pine Acres Refinance.

September: Knowledgeable Lender And Responsive Borrower Are Keys To Successful Loan Applications

September:  Cambridge Closes 16 Interest Rate Reduction HUD Loans in First Half Of 2020

August: HUD Made Contingencies For Borrowers During COVID-19 Pandemic

August: Need Expert Advice? Cambridge Has Some For You!

August: Shop Talk with Our Favorite Barber

August:  “Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda” Don’t Wait to Lock In Interest Rates

July: Who Will Be There When Seniors Need Senior Care?

July: Cambridge Pursues New Strategy To Provide More Financing Options

July: Seeing Senior Housing Healthcare Loan From Lender’s Perspective Can Prove Helpful

July: HUD More Flexible in Today’s Economic Climate

June: Experience Matters in Complex Senior Care Deals

June: Retirement Isn’t Always Fair, Study Shows

June: Decisions, Decisions. What Interest Rate Works for You?

June: So How Did Cambridge Get Into Senior Housing?

June:  Cambridge History Lesson: 10 Reasons To Choose Cambridge

May: Cambridge Closed (Far From) Traditions of Sherman

May: Successful Owners Put Residents First

May: Cambridge’s Capital Solutions Can Work For You Right Now

April: How Seniors Are Adapting To World Of Technology

April: Robust Retirement Savings Should Include $$ For Assisted Living.

April: Cambridge is Here to Help.

March: Get Real with Cambridge.

March: Can We Afford Senior Living?

March: Partner Up With Cambridge For Your Future Finance Needs

February: Why Wait? Deal Directly with Cambridge

February: Seller So Happy with Cambridge, He Turned into A Borrower

February: Cabot Cove is “Living Largo” Thanks to Cambridge

January: Not Ok, Boomer: Baby Boomers Least Prepared Generation To Enter Senior Years

January: This Pontiac Still Supports Living


December: One State, One Operator, 2 Loans, $10+ Million. Done.

December: Cambridge Has the Lending POWER that Surpasses Multiple Institutions

November: Cambridge Arranges $3.7 Million Loan To Refinance Wyndham Residence, Located In Arroyo Grande, CA

November: Cambridge Arranges a $4,645,000 HUD Loan For Traditions Senior Living & Memory Care

November: Cambridge Pursues New Strategy for More Financing Options

October: No Obstacle Too Insurmountable For Cambridge

October: It’s Not Always About Getting The Best Rate.

October: Baby Boomers Retirement Outlook

September: Long-Term Relationships Are A Testament To Cambridge’s Ability To Deliver Results

September: Knowledgeable Lender And Responsive Borrower Are Keys To Successful Loan Applications.

September: Consider your Options: Expand or Enhance your Facility

August: Looking Out For The Client’s Interests Is How Things Are Done At Cambridge

August: Informed Clients Are Happy Clients; and We Want You To Be Happy.

August: No Obstacle Too Insurmountable For Cambridge

July: We Actually Have More Than 4 Strengths. Here’s Some of Our Greatest

July:  Looking back into the Crystal (Pines) ball.

June: Operators are Finding a Smarter Way to Prevent Falls.

June: Cambridge brings that little extra something to the table.

June:  Our clients know our strengths are stronger than The Rock!

May: They’re not the HUD loans you think they are.

May: Want an Easy Transaction? Do Your Homework!

May: Navigating The SNF Operator/Landlord Relationship

April: We Keep it 100 with HUD. 💯

April: Micro-Housing is a Bigger Hit for Boomers than Intended Millennials.

April: Experts Divided on 2019 Outlook for Sr Housing, Except for One Thing

March: Helping Highland; No Games Necessary.

March: The views are stunning at The Views at Marion

March: It Just Adds Up! You + Us = Successful Loan Applications

February: Experienced Borrowers Generate Experienced Lenders

FebruaryAttention to Detail Not an Option

FebruaryWe Closed Which Wood? Glenwood.

JanuaryNew Year, New Habit. Don’t Waste Time Getting Your Deal Done.

January: Invest some time and take a look at this video from Cambridge!

JanuaryGovernment may be closed, but Cambridge is OPEN.

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