Let Cambridge Help You Do What You Do Best!


If You Are Like Most Senior Housing Owner/Operators,
You Are Challenged By Finance And Banking Because:


  • You are frustrated with Lenders and Investors.
  • You can't grow without money necessary to run your business.
  • You cannot find financial people who understand you and what your business needs so it can grow.



Cambridge is a Different Capital Provider Because:


  • Cambridge's staff communicates daily with senior housing and long-term care owner / operators nationwide.
  • Cambridge has access to the best capital for you.
  • Cambridge is one of the nation's leading HUD 232 Lean lenders.
  • Cambridge is dedicated to senior housing and long-term care.
  • Cambridge has our own private equity to either buy or lease your facility(s) and lets you continue to operate, which is what you do best!


You Gain From Working With Cambridge Because:


  • You will be working with an expert firm that understands you and your industry.
  • You will have access to debt financing (especially HUD Lean) that delivers the lowest interest rates and best terms for your facilities.
  • You will have access to private equity for both sale/leaseback and other ventures for your facility.


Don't wait for help! Review more details of our debt and equity programs below and contact us today!